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Unadulterated fun for grown-ups
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A collection of party games that can be played by anyone with a sense of fun!
All profits go to the Sparkle Foundation
the book

what's it all about?


The common thread between these games is that they can all be played quickly and easily, using items found in your home. No board games here!


You may recognise some old favourites, but they all come with a twist. Indoor, outdoor, quiet, noisy, simple, messy: there’s something suitable for every occasion.


This book is split into three categories to help you find the perfect game for your mood.


Raucous parties 

Physical games that usually involve inter-person contact. These are perfect for encouraging connection and bonding within a group!

Active gatherings 

Games that require some movement but have a lower potential for injury than ‘Raucous parties’. Great fun for groups of mixed ages and energy levels.

Quiet evenings in

The most cerebral type, these are sedentary games that require a bit more creativity or concentration. The ‘quiet’ refers to the activity in the games themselves, but depending on the hilarity of the outcomes, you may still end up making quite a bit of noise!

the author
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about the author

Laura Plant is an environmental economist living between Vancouver and London.


She was lucky enough to be born into a games-mad family and credits that for her high energy and positive attitude towards life. She hopes that these games will help create new connections and wonderful memories for others, as they have done for her.


In her spare time, Laura can be found hiking through forests or by the sea, and of course, playing games! This is her first book.

"My mission is to bring more joy and laughter into your life. In this busy age, I want to help you to escape to a wonderful world of play that many of us grown-ups have forgotten."

the charity
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the sparkle foundation

All profits from the sale of this book are going to Sparkle Malawi, part of The Sparkle Foundation. Laura has been to Malawi a number of times to see the work the charity is doing on the ground. Sparkle's mission to enable children to learn and laugh is aligned with the joy of play that this book celebrates.

The Sparkle Foundation is an NGO that provides healthcare, nutrition and education to thousands of orphans and vulnerable children. Active in 17 villages near Zomba, Malawi, Sparkle works closely with children, parents, community members and chiefs to ensure the lives of those it supports are changed in a sustainable way.


Delivering a number of community outreach programmes that focus on women, youth and the elderly, Sparkle aims to create a flagship community-based charity model that can be replicated in countries around the world.

As a charitable project, many volunteers have kindly contributed to the production of this book. Special thanks to for managing sales and distribution logistics. 

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